Dr. Dina LiVolsi

Doctor of Chiropractic

Certified Animal Chiropractor

Dr. Dina LiVolsi is a leading health processional and is dedicated to helping you to achieve your pet's wellness objective. By combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic spectrum, Dr. LiVolsi is committed to bringing your pet better health and increased quality of life.

Animals and their owners who seek treatment from Dr. LiVolsi can be assured of receiving only the finest quality care. Working successfully with animals since 1998, Dr. LiVolsi is a highly regarded practitioner in this wellness field. "Dr. Dina" is Allegheny County's first and only American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (www.avcadoctors.com) certified animal chiropractor. This is important as the AVCA is the only nationally recognized certification body in the country for animal chiropractors. Dr. Dina served on the AVCA's Practice Standard Committee and helped to write and then administer the AVCA's first national board, and has been an examiner on several occasions for the board. 

Dr. Dina is a leader in the legitimate field of animal chiropractic, both locally and nationally. She developed and has subsequently taught her own technique "ENERGYWORKS CHIROPRACTIC" to other certified veterinarians and chiropractors across the country for professional continuing education hours as well as the "INTENSE REVIEW PLUS" and "DOGS, DOGS, DOGS!" seminars - all seminars that have been approved by the AVCA for re-certification hours necessary for doctors to keep their standing within the Association and the profession. Several years ago, she also was primarily responsible for creating and teaching the successful "INTRODUCTION TO COMPLEMENTARY CARE FOR THE VETERINARIAN" seminars, opened only to licensed veterinarians in Pennsylvania and approved for continuing education hours in that profession.

Dr. Dina has traveled regularly to Cairo, Egypt ,over the last ten years where she adjusted high-level competition horses (and yes, ofter their owners as well!). The experience greatly enhanced her understanding and continuing appreciation for animal lovers and owners!

A nationally recognized lecturer in the field of animal chiropractic, she has presented her own discoveries at the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, the Midwest Veterinary Conference and has been a keynote speaker several times at the annual American Veterinary Chiropractic Association's annual conferences. Dr. LiVolsi speaks regularly to local clubs - contact her today to check availability to have her speak at your group's next meeting or event! 

The well-received "Canine Massage for Your Dog" classes are always a sell-out! "I wanted to give owners something that they could do at home with their dog. This time is bonding, healing and rewarding for both dog and owner," says Dr. LiVolsi.  This class can be taught to your dog group for fundraising purposes!  Please contact Dr. Dina directly at 412-824-6276 for further information.

Please note:  The animal chiropractic profession is under supervision of the Pennsylvania Board of Veterinary Medicine. The board states that a chiropractor must have a veterinary referral from a veterinarian who is on site and work under supervision. Dr. LiVolsi works exclusively at Point 2 for Healthy Pets, Point Breeze Veterinary Clinic's (www.pointbreezevet.com) well-patient office. Please call Dr. LiVolsi directly with questions, concerns and to schedule an appointment.

Dr. LiVolsi is a regular contributor to Pittsburgh PetConnections magazine. Visit Pittsburgh PetConncetions at www.pghpetconnections.com

Email Dr. LiVolsi at dinalivodc@aol.com